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Wool and Felt Craft Kit

Wool and Felt Craft Kit

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These wool mix felt craft kits appeal to DIY-lovers of all skill levels. The kits themselves make great gifts, but you can also create the project yourself and give the final product to a loved one this holiday season!

Each kit includes clear instructions, templates, a stitch guide, all required materials and an individually wrapped embroidery needle.

Mini Polar Bear - approx. 10cm tall (w/o loop)

Mouse Family - large mice approx. 11cm tall, small mice approx. 7cm tall

Baby Penguins - approx. 9cm tall

Bunnies - approx. 8cm tall, 10cm wide

Llama - approx. 12cm tall, 8cm wide

Teddy Bear - approx. 16cm tall, 14cm wide

Materials include wool mix felt (45% wool, 55% viscose), satin ribbon, embroidery thread and toy filling depending on the selected kit.