Simple Place-Setting Ideas

Do you love to entertain but stress about making every little detail perfect?  Putting any party together is fun but there is SO much that goes into it. Especially when it's a dinner party!! On top of creating a menu and decorating/cleaning the house, you have set the table. It's the main focus of the event!!  

Well fear not! I've put together some very simple ideas for you to take some stress out of setting a table.  The beauty of it is that you don't need much to make it look amazing.  Here is what I pulled to create three options for your place-settings: 


Table with galvanized charger, dinner and salad plate, blue and white stripped napkin, boxwood wreath, cotton stems and thistle stem.

Start with a charger underneath your plates.  Chargers can add color to your table or in this case, make these white plates really pop.  I love this galvanized charger because it's so different from normal plastic chargers.  Plus, it fits so well into the Farmhouse theme!!  The chargers are sold on our website.  A set of four is $25.  

To keep with the Farmhouse look, I chose a blue and white striped napkin.  It adds color but is still neutral because you can pair most any other color with it.  A set of four is $28 on our website

Here is where you get to choose the last detail of your place-setting:

The first way is to simply lay the napkin on the plate and use a small boxwood wreath as your centerpiece.  This adds even more color, but is still classic and clean.  You can always put place-cards with your guests names on top of the wreath to show everyone where to sit.  We use boxwoods everywhere at the shop; why not on your plate?! These small boxwoods are sold in a set of two for $28. 

The second way to style your place-setting is to roll the napkin and place some sort of stem on top and tie with twine.  I chose a sprig of our thistle stems.  I think this is a fun and whimsical way to set your table.  For a table setting of four you would only need two stems.  When you're done, you can put the pieces of the stems into cute vases around the house.  We cut up stems all the time at the shop and just move them from one display to another. The thistle stems are sold in a set of three for $36 on the website. 

The third option for place-settings might be the most "Farmhouse".  Just add cotton!! We have loved cotton for a long time at the store and we use it everywhere.  I folded the napkin into a little "pocket" and put a piece of a stem inside.  I used a large piece of the cotton stem because I liked how it went over the edge of the plate to make it a little bit more dramatic.  Same as the thistle, you don't need to use many stems to fill your table, and you can use them again!  A set of three stems of cotton is $27 online. 

I hope these three options help you with your next dinner party!! You can chose one or combine all three into your table-setting.  If you ever need help or ideas for any kind of decor problem, ask us!!  Stop into the store, or comment on our blog or Facebook page.  We're happy to help, because we love to decorate!! 

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