2018 January trip to Market to order for the store!

For those of you who haven't read one of my Market blogs, here's the scoop; Every year we travel to Atlanta for a huge wholesale market open only to retailers to order for the store. You can only go if you own a store because you have to order everything in bulk. SO, its like this secret place that most people don't get to see and I thought it would be really fun to share it with you guys because you get to see upcoming trends and really cool displays. It's like my behind the scenes tour.

This Market started out with a long drive to Atlanta because, well, I've become extremely afraid to fly. Not sure how it happened but just getting on a plane causes me so much anxiety that it seems like I either suffer from migraines or get sick when we fly. The funny thing is, my mom is kind of nervous in the car, especially in snow or at night, both of which were encountered on this trip. We basically are a wreck during market, haha!night skyline in atlanta

Fortunately, we always find the coolest things and it makes the trip worth it! On this trip, we were ordering for Christmas of 2018 and also some items to ship now.

I know you guys probably aren't that excited about the Christmas decor we saw so I'll just post a little bit of what we saw! This is a great showroom that has a really natural look for Holiday. I love the deer head with the wreath and we saw a lot of the galvanized tin details this season.

christmas tree and deer head with wreath in christmas showroom

Last Christmas we ran out of bottlebrush trees and everyone wanted more so we ordered a lot! The ones below were sort of ombre. We got them in all sizes, woo!

colorful bottlebrush trees arranged with moss

I fell in love with the matte gold finish on this wood garland. I think it'll look so cool on a natural green tree!

 gold wooden christmas garland

So I'm obsessed with this paint-by-number wallpaper. Do you think it's new or vintage? I think if I had this wallpaper, I'd have to paint it. 

birch garland hanging in front of paint by number wallpaper

This super vintage showroom never disappoints. It's always filled with whimsical treasures that make it feel like you're in another world. We ordered ALLLLLLLL the vintagey houses!! 

pastel christmas display over mantel in cody foster showroom

pastel christmas houses in cody foster

I know you probably aren't in Christmas mode right now so I'll move on to the things that are coming now! Here's my mom sitting on a buffalo check sofa we ordered. We ordered that pillow too. I don't know if it goes with the sofa but we thought it was cute!

Angie Mathey sitting on a black and white buffalo check sofa

This is just a cool wall I saw. 

wall with paper flowers and quote

When we saw this massive blue pipe shelf we pretty much knew it had to be in the store. We're thinking we're going to use it to display tons of pots and vases and floral stems so you can mix and match little arrangements. Not sure how we're going to get it into the store though. 

huge shelf filled with pillows and pottery

Here's my mom holding some potted olive trees in the showroom where we ordered a lot of florals. I'm very picky about silk flowers and can't stand plastic ones. I'd much rather have real flowers but I totally get the need for plants that don't die! We even got faux succulents because we can't seem to keep those alive despite everyone's insistence that they're hard to kill.

Angie mathey holding potted olive trees

Magnolia Home had a new line of candles that we ordered. It's really pretty and simple and I think you guys will love the scents! 

Magnolia Home candle display

There was still a lot of the farmhouse look at market and we will still have some of that style but we're trying really hard to do a modern version that isn't too literal(like cows and roosters on everything). The showroom below had some great inspiration for us and we ordered lots of cool stuff! The chandelier below is going in my bedroom! The sofa is amazing but sooo expensive.

farmhouse showroom

I love their dark blue walls.

pair of chandeliers above farmhouse table

Here we are hanging out in the farmhouse showroom. Isn't the floor cool? You could buy it but it was like $25/square which would cost us a FORTUNE to put on our floors!

Angie Mathey and Lindsay Liebherr

We went to market intending to find some blue and white decor because we're a little obsessed with it right now. I made this collage of some of what we ordered to go in our dark blue wall area of the store. All shades of blue are having such a moment right now and I love it! We get a lot of vintage gold frames that will pair well with it.

collage of blue and white decor

Amazing pillow.

blue pillow

I thought this was a cool display with the frames painted the same as the wall. 

wall covered in frames painted the same color as the wall

My mom is such a hippie at heart so she was LOVING this showroom. We ordered a few pillows and table linens in the soft colors.

shelf with pillows and bags

The only thing that we saw more than blue at market was BLUSH! We're not planning on filling the store with pink but we are definitely doing an area I'm calling "watercolors". It will have softer colors and some blush touches. Below was a showroom that had blush velvet sofas! We didn't order them but it was pretty.

pink showroom

Here's a rug(below) we did order! I think it has enough other colors in it that it could fit in with a lot of styles.

pastel geometric rug

A pink pillow we ordered.

blush pillow

Here's a little collage I made of some of the things we ordered for this area of the store. 

 collage of blush decor

We always have so much fun picking out pillows! This was our only selfie at Market.

Angie Mathey and Lindsay Liebherr

We actually have this chandelier below in the store right now. We also ordered the watercolor landscape paper that's hanging behind it. 

pretty display at market with sideboard and pillows and chandelier

On the last day of Market, we go over to a third building and look at jewelry. Our friend Betsy owns Collections by Joya so we went over to her booth and chose a bunch of pieces for the store for Spring!

market display for Joya jewelry

Here's our tray of picks:

tray of Joya jewelry

As we were browsing, we met an adorable young artist named Mary Garrett. We loved her handcrafted pieces so we placed an order. I asked if I could take her picture and she was a good sport about it!

Mary Garrett standing in her booth

Here's a sample of what we chose! She's wearing the big square one which was my favorite.

selection of mary garrett jewelry pieces on a table

We found so many amazing things at Market for next Christmas and a whole lot that has already started coming in. We were pretty happy with the trip until my mom got food poisoning and we ended up staying an extra night. Boy were we glad when we finally got to come home after that ending to the trip! 

If you want to see what's coming in every day, keep an eye on our Facebook page as we update it daily and add lots of pictures. Some of the items will be listed on our website too so you can have them shipped to you. I hope you enjoyed your little tour of Market! See you soon! -Lindsay


  • What a fun post! Loved getting this behind the scenes look at your market experience.

  • You girls did good. Love everything can’t wait to come in.?

    Antoinette Ciolino
  • Thanks for sharing your experience at market. I love your shop. I’m always excited and look forward to seeing the new treasures you selected. I already saw a few things I’m interested in. Glad your back home in good old STL.

    Debbie McKenzie

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